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Resume Check

  Q-Check is Workocean Limited's independent facility to make sure all Resumes submitted to our Clients is correct and any Certification required is correct.   
  How does it work ?

We at Workocean will independently check that any certification submitted to us is correct and valid.

We will contact the issuing institutions / facilities to make sure any certification submitted to us is correct and valid.

Workocean will also use any referee's or other sources of previous employment to confirm your background in the Offshore Industry.

No Resume will be submitted to Clients unless we can guarantee that all documents are correct and true. We also will take great care in making sure your Resume

Workocean will only submit Resumes where we are in possession of legible copies of all certification.


  Why all these Check's ?

Since we started in 2001 we have been monitoring the supply of Resumes and documents to us and unfortunately some documents are not legible or with the correct numbers / dates and this has caused us problems when it comes to prove to our Clients that the applicants are correctly certified and in date with all required certification.

As far as References are concerned these have to be available to both us at Workocean and our Clients.